Monday, November 22, 2010

Knocking on Wood

Do I dare even say it? Tonight was the second night in a row that Tucker went to bed by himself without so much as a wimper!

I have posted about his bedtime issues/separation anxiety issues before. We have tried technique after technique, to no avail. I was up Googling "Toddler Sleep Problems" late at night last week and came across a youtube video of a new technique. The youtube video was just a teaser that eventually led me to a website where I paid $10 to view the actual technique. It also had a money back guarantee, so I figured I really had nothing to lose.

Wow. It was so simple. And drama free. And effective. I am at a loss for words and so grateful! I only hope it continues to work for us!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Great Merger

It is time. It has become quite apparent to me that I am unable to keep up with three different blogs. Plus, when the time comes to have baby #3, I just cannot imagine starting up a fourth! I will still occasionally post pictures on Tucker and Chloe's blogs, but I am going to start making all of my posts on this one from now on. I think I will be able to post more often because I won't become overwhelmed with the idea of keeping things "even."

Grandpa Gannaway

Holy Cow, what a month! I feel like I have been running around like a crazy person!

Ryan's grandpa very unexpectedly died last week after he had an aneurysm rupture. He died in surgery but his organs had been without blood too long (they have to clamp the artery to perform the surgery), so although they successfully patched the rupture, his organs were failing. It is a blessing though because if he had survived, he would have required lifelong dialysis and his brain was not profused so he would have also had mental impairment. Definitely not how he would have wanted to live.

We are all quite worried about Grandma. She is not the most mentally "there" person, she gets confused easily and Grandpa was her rock. Time will tell if she is able to continue living in her home without him. I just can't imagine being married 62 years and then suddenly being a widow. So sad for her.

Grandpa died on November 4th and his 81st birthday was to be November 9th. Ryan and I organized an impromptu golf tournament in his honor on the day of his birthday. We were even able to find a local screen printing place who really did us a favor in order to get shirts printed for us with only a four hour notice! Flying Colors Screen Printing did an awesome job! We have decided to make this an annual golf tournament and are already making plans to expand it next year, this year was so last minute it was just for family. The shirts were awesome, I need to get the pics from my mother in law's camera, but we had "The 1st Annual Chip Off the Old Block Golf Tournament in Memory of Evert Gannaway" printed on them. There was also a really nice graphic of a golfer on the front.