Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prayer Request

We received some very heartbreaking news this weekend. Ryan's Aunt Becky, who had been in remission from breast cancer for a year and a half, has found out she has Stage 4 liver, rib and lung cancer. Her bloodtests in January were fine so this is obviously an aggressive, fast moving cancer. Her biopsy is tomorrow but the prognosis is poor, regardless of type of cancer. Depending on type of cancer, they will either treat in an effort to prolong her life or treat to keep her as pain-free as possible.

This family is the same who lost Grandpa suddenly in November from a ruptured aneurysm, which is also the last time we saw Aunt Becky, as she lives in North Carolina. Rather than talk about how this will affect the family, I'd much rather tell you little bit about Becky and ask for your prayers for her and her family as they face the news.

First of all, Aunt Becky is probably my favorite in-law. I say that here because I know that no family members on that side of the family read this blog. She is such a genuinely nice person who is honestly interested in every single word you have to say. She is a very special person, who happens to give the tightest, longest hugs in the history of mankind. And to watch her love on my children, oh, there's just nothing better. She's the one who introduced me to "getting their sugar" by feasting on their little necks, which is one of our favorite things to do. I had never heard that term until Aunt Becky came to town.

Aunt Becky is in her forties with three children, Brandon, Lindsey and Nicholas. Lindsey had a birth injury which resulted in Cerebral Palsy. Lindsey is in her twenties now, is non-functioning and requires 24 hour care. Becky is the perfect mother for Lindsey and her challenges and needs. She has devoted her life to her family and has taken a backseat to everybody without complaint. She only started working outside of the home about five years ago.

Aunt Becky, Grandma, and now my Mother-in-Law (Terry) are going on a cruise the first week of May. Originally, it was just going to be Grandma and Becky to celebrate Becky's remission but with the recent development, Terry will be joining them. Becky's oncologist advised Becky to go on the cruise, which to me was very telling of the prognosis.

I am heartbroken for the entire family, in many ways Becky is the breath of fresh air that everyone on that side of the family needs. She's the one who always thinks positively, whereas everyone else can have Doom & Gloom personalities. I am heartbroken for Becky, as a mom I just don't know how you prepare to say goodbye to your children who are so young still. I am heartbroken for Grandma and Terry who have suffered so much since Grandpa died. I'm not sure Grandma will be able to function with this stress as she has many health issues herself.

I would ask you to cover this family in prayers, they all need strength and comfort in the following days, weeks, or months. Please also pray for all of us who will have to make the horribly painful goodbye phone call. Pray that we will find the words we need to say and that they will bring Becky comfort and peace.


  1. Will do, Katy! I am so sorry to here about this. Sounds like Aunt Becky is a pretty special lady, and quite a cornerstone in your family. (((HUGS)))

  2. As I started reading this post, goosebumps covered my body. By the end, I was in tears. I am now saying prayers and will continue to do so.