Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wherein I Make a Decision

So, as you know, I have wanted to be a doula for a long, long time. I have been debating for years now whether or not I should actually take the steps to become a certified doula (which is not required, by the way).

I have rolled this idea around in my head for so long that I almost couldn't distinguish between an actual desire to doula or just wanting to check something off of my list.

Although I am extremely passionate about natural pregnancy, labor and birth, at this time in my life I am not going to pursue a career as a doula (I am on a different path that is even more exciting!). I have many factors that helped me reach my decision, none of which are particularly insightful or interesting so I will spare the details.

That being said, I am opening my door to accept a handful of clients each year. I have the knowledge and practical skills and experience to help guide me, but I will also be extremely choosey in the people I will support because I have decided to provide this service free of charge. Yes, you read that right. Free.

Most doulas in this area charge $400-500 whether they hold a certification or not. Many women cannot afford that. There is no way I would have been able to hire a doula for Chloe's birth had she not been willing to do a partial trade with me. Because I am so passionate about unmedicated birth, I want to reach out to those women who want to do it, but need that extra support they may not be able to afford.

So, there you have it. If you (or someone you know!) has the desire to experience the power of birth, send me an email!

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